About Fingering Zen

The Door of Knowledge Through Which the Untutored May Not Pass sticks something wicked in the damp. [Terry Pratchett, “Guards! Guards!”]

Why zen?
Because enlightenment and serenity and this breath is what I seek and what I am.

Why fingering?
Because the state of zen seems just out of reach, behind the next turn of the road, on the tip of my tongue, and almost possible to grasp if I only reach a little farther. Fingering, probing, palpating, sometimes lightly touching, sometimes clawing at it – always in wonder. And to reach it, I finger the strings of life, I put together jigsaw puzzles and jewellery pieces with my hands, to the whirlwind of music and the quiet intensity of audiobooks. I dance the efficiency dance of a working mother with three little ones, an organization mistress in the home and life domains. And I center myself in the moments I work with my hands: to prepare meals, to hug my little ones, to play with them, to finger the keyboard in languages of humans and machines, to snap the fleeting but eternal moments with a camera, to touch the oh-so-familiar strings of a guitar, and to clasp my hands together in namaste.

This blog is about making the most out of life.
It’s about my journey into finding zen through various channels: jigsaw puzzles and photography, creation of jewellery, cooking primal meals and exploring yoga, conscious parenting and efficient home maintenance, natural solutions to baby care and wellness issues, – and stopping in the middle of the hurricane of responsibilities, taking a deep breath, groking the reality, and taking the next step.

If you are curious, join me on this journey. The day is young, reality is bendable, and there is much to learn.

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