Puzzle: Lost in a Jigsaw II – Survival of the Fittest

: 515 pieces
Dimensions: 47cm x 44cm
Artist: Kristin D. Fundalinski
Producer: Buffalo Games
Instructions: PDF from the manufacturer
Danger at every turn! Danger and beauty strike an uneasy truce in Lost in a Jigsaw II = Survival of the Fittest. One wrong move can unleash the predator, upset a delicate balance. One wrong turn and you could become the prey. Created by a devious unknown keeper, your safari adventure will take you through fabulous habitat, a tour of beasts both friendly and fierce and an intricate maze with only one way through. Your wits are your only weapons and logic is your only guide through this primal jigsaw puzzle labyrinth.

Your maze consists of a 515 piece diagonally cut jigsaw puzzle, with more than 60 separate scenes, some combining to form individual habitats, and others comprising the one and only route to completion. Lost in a Jigsaw II is o unique that its inner workings are patented. Patent 5,351,957 describes a process by which puzzle scenes are connected by logic and not just simply by color or fit. Each piece is identically shaped and the puzzle can be correctly assembled only by figuring out the devious maze! A complete solution and hints to get you started are included inside. Good luck! [Puzzle box]