Beading Zen

bookmark160x130I have always liked doing things with my hands – embroidery, assembling jigsaw puzzles, playing piano and guitar, and creating various artpieces from stones, beads, wire, and thread. While carrying my first baby, in the time I had at home, I have created a few bookmarks and necklaces and have opened Veddma Creations shop on Etsy.

blessingwayBead160x130The next few years brought more awareness of birth, life, and beauty to me. I have discovered the Blessingway ceremony and was moved to create a variety of Blessingway beads to honour expectant mamas’ rite of passage. pregnancyNecklace160x130I have delved into the rhythms of cycles and fertility, and the passage of pregnancy, and was inspired to conceive cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking bracelets and necklaces. Through birth, my sense of centre was strengthened, and I have made a few pieces that honour the seven chakras and the zen I forever seek in the moment. potionVialMy love for goth aesthetic, fantasy, DnD, and all things magical, leads me to making décolleté necklaces, DnD-inspired potion vial pendants, and intricate earrings.

Please feel free to browse. Things I create make unique gifts. I can accept payments via PayPal. Most of my creations are available for purchase on Etsy, so come take a look.

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