Let my seedlings grow

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My kitchen is once more overrun by seedlings. They are green and perky, stretching their necks to the light, quietly awaiting the time they shall feel the wind and the warm sunlight on their leaves.

My seedling setup in kitchen 600
Tomatoes are dominating as always. I’ve saved a lot of tomato seeds last year, and almost every seed I’ve planted has sprouted. I’ve started a lot of red and mini chocolate bell peppers as well, lots of kale, a few cucumbers, beets, Swiss chard, eggplant,broccoli,  cauliflower, and a few other odds and ends.

Tomato forest in the making 600
I’ve seeded the herb spiral with dill, basil, parsley, cress, calendula, and have planted a few onions. With the colder weather we’ve been having, only the onions are flourishing – the rest of the seeds are biding their time until more warmth coaxes them out of the soil. In the meantime, the birds have been enjoying the spiral pond quite a bit, drinking the water and splashing in it.

Last night the spiral has welcomed lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and thyme seedlings I got from the Rare Plant Sale at the Experimental Farm. Insects will love this little oasis of scent, texture, and colour.

Cucumber, pepper, kale seedlings 600
The garden planning and preparations are in full gear. The landscape design and planning are progressing. The materials are picked out and implementation is scheduled to start early next week, if all goes as planned. And then I can dig my fingers into the dark fertile earth and let my seedlings grow.

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