Puzzle: Antique Antics by Jan van Haasteren

: 350 pieces
Dimensions: 41.5cm x 30cm
Producer:  WHSMITH, Exclusive Collection, #80610
Artist: Jan van Haasteren – Jan van Haasteren is a comic artist who creates very crowded, comical puzzles that are very silly and enjoyable for any puzzler. He has been creating these hilarious, beloved and highly demanded cartoon jigsaw puzzles for almost 30 years. Every cartoon he creates features a hidden shark fin, can you find it?! [Puzzle Warehouse]
Link: All puzzles by Jan van Haasteren ever made.
Notes: an·tique, adj.
1. Belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period.
2. Of or belonging to ancient times, especially of, from, or characteristic of ancient Greece or Rome.
3. Of or dealing in antiques.
4. Old-fashioned.

antics, pl n
absurd or grotesque acts or postures
[The Free Dictionary]

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