Puzzle: Carnival Moon by Aimee Stewart

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Carnival Moon, med

Size: 750 pieces
Dimensions: 67.94 cm x 48.10 cm
Producer: Mega Puzzles, Reflections series, 2015, CxC28 ASST DFD77, 966B, A11055LP, #50572
Aimee Stewart

Puzzle: Beautiful, vibrant puzzle of a street during a carnival Рan uplifting and festive image. The variety of bright, well-separated colours and distinct gradients, in combination with easily-manageable 750 well-fitting pieces makes this puzzle a breeze to assemble. Good places to start are the pillar at the left and the woman standing by it, the moon, sky and tower near it, the bridge, the boat, and the water. Red and pink dresses are distinct, as are the balustrades, steps, and the lights under the bridge. The rest of the pieces fall into place easily.


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