Puzzle: The Sleepy Shopkeeper by Mike Wilks

: 550+ pieces
Dimensions: 46cm x 61cm
Producer: Great American Puzzle Factory
Author: Mike Wilks (b. 1947, London) is an artist, illustrator and author of nine books including the global bestseller The Ultimate Alphabet (Pavilion Books, 1987). [Wiki]
Note: Puzzle within a puzzle – find over 1000 things that begin with the letter “S”. “Who would think that here in the nooks and crannies of the sleepy shopkeeper’s store would be over 1,000 subjects starting with the letter “S”?   Sure – there’s a skeleton, a sailboat and some spectacles, but where’s the snake and the sled and the ship? You’ll enjoy this double challenge as you find all the “S” items and put them in to place to form a spectacular puzzle.” [Puzzle page]

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