Puzzle: Marlow, New Hampshire

: 500 pieces
Dimensions: 33.02cm x 48.26cm
Producer: Kodacolor
Location: Marlow is a town in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 747 at the 2000 census. Marlow is home to Honey Brook State Forest.

Marlow bears many marks of glacial action, and minerals are still found here. A woodworking industry once used the water power of the Ashuelot River to produce tools, furniture and wooden buckets from lumber cut nearby. By 1859, when the population was 708, there were seven sawmills, a gristmill, a carriage shop, a tin shop, and two … Read more

Puzzle: Grand Canyon

: 750 pieces
Dimensions: 59.69cm x 39.37cm
Producer: Wonderful World
Location: The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States.

Nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of rock while the Colorado Plateau was uplifted. While the specific geologic processes and timing … Read more

Puzzle: Edisto Springs

: 550 pieces, large
Dimensions: 45.72cm x 60.96cm
Producer: RoseArt
Artists: Schaefer, Miles
Box: photo
Location: The Edisto River is the longest completely undammed / unleveed blackwater river in North America, flowing 206 meandering miles from its sources in Saluda and Edgefield counties, to its Atlantic Ocean mouth at Edisto Beach, SC. It rises in two main tributaries (North Fork & South Fork) from springs under the Sandhills region of West Central South Carolina, just to the south of the Piedmont fall line. It is the … Read more

Ways to make pregnancy more comfortable

During pregnancy, one of the things you learn is to listen to and appreciate demands of your body. When a pregnant woman is hungry – she is starving, when she needs to sleep – she can fall into an exhausted sleep in most unlikely times and places, even if that is usually very uncharacteristic of her. Such basic urges become extreme, and if you ignore them they can wreck havoc with your body. So, try to sleep as much as your body demands and eat whenever you need to, don’t postpone your meals or rest.

Swimming or immersing yourself in … Read more

Puzzle: Oberhofen Castle, Bern Canton, Switzerland

: 1000 pieces
Producer: Big Ben
Location site: http://www.oberhofen.ch/
Story: The lakeside castle of Oberhofen dates back to the Middle Ages, but has been constantly changed and updated throughout the ages. The castle today houses a division of the Historic Museum of Bern, and has a spectacular formal lakeside garden in the English style with many rare specimen trees.

The Wichterheer estate, lakeside to the south of the castle, houses the Museum fũr Uhren und Mechanische Musik (Museum of Timekeeping and Mechanical Music) as well as an exhibit of 20th century local … Read more