Puzzle: Citadel by Kirwan

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: 500 pieces
Dimensions: 50.8cm round
Producer: Grand Toys, No. 6191
Artist: Kirwan – His images are political, surrealistic, and humanistic. There are paintings, book covers, cards, calendars, architectural design, many other illustrations and sculpture. [Kirwan Studios site]
Drawing: Citadel, ©1978 and 1994. 36″ round, oil on canvas over wood.
Box: photo


  1. I am trying to find this puzzle had one as a kid are there any still being produced or any like it by kirwan?

  2. I came across this one in Value Village – perhaps you could try checking out second-hand stores. I haven’t seen any of his puzzles sold new.

  3. how could i sale my citadel on wood ?

  4. this puzzle hasent been in production since the late 70’s still find them on ebay every once in a wile bought one there about a year ago

  5. We had this puzzle when I was a kid, loved it, lost it, can’t remember what happened to it, wish I could find it.

  6. Hey all,
    I’m don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread but the puzzle you’re discussing above is currently up for auction on ebay at item #251115385601. Hope that helps.

  7. Also, it’s brand new and factory sealed!

  8. Thank you for the information, Ty.

  9. Does anyone know the value of this image.

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