Puzzle: Computers: The Inside Story

: 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 60.96 cm x 76.2 cm
Producer: Springbok
Notes: Computers: The Inside Story

Don’t let a little ol’ computer scare you —
The way it works is simple as can be,
With byte-by-byte instructions to prepare you,
You’ll have its number quick as one-two-three!
Of course, you’ve got to get the problem stated
In just the proper language, so to speak,
Make sure that all your data are updated,
And use the latest technical technique,
Be perfectly precise in your instructions,
Look sharp at all your logs and loops and loads,
Keep everything conductive to conductions
And always mind your matrices and modes,
Now don’t forget to digitize your digits
And binarize your binaries to boot,
(‘Cause if you don’t, computers get the fidgets
Resulting in a failure to compute).
Be certain your parameters are noted,
And nothing in your system’s out of sync,
Take care your reads (that’s -in and -out) are toted —
You’re getting with the program now, I think!
In fact, if factors all are synergetic,
And you just follow these few basic tips,
You’ll find in any matter cybernetic
You’re guaranteed of staying in the chips!
— Karen Ravn [Puzzle box]

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