Puzzle: Flower market at Jaipur

Flower market at Jaipur, med

: 304 pieces
Dimensions: 45.72 cm x 35.56 cm
Schmid Reinhard
: Whitman, Guild, A4425, Series 169,

Puzzle: Simple puzzle which I liked for its subject matter – small number of pieces and enough distinct colour regions to make it easy. Flower bunches and people can make a good start, and the background of the wall can come afterwards.

“Subjects in series 169:

  • Flower still life
  • Portrait of grandfather
  • Old town
  • Canister and crates
  • Pennsylvanian winter
  • Autumn village
  • California Carson mansion
  • Martha’s vineyard
  • Flowered fence
  • Arizona landscape
  • Bamberg, Germany
  • Flower market at Jaipur”[Puzzle box]

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