Puzzle: Merlin’s Oak by Myles Pinkney

Merlin's Oak, med
: 500+ pieces
Producer:  New Fangled Angles series
Artist: Myles Pinkney is an outstanding fantasy artist. Magic flows through each one if his illustrations, bringing to life a fantasy realm outside that of the architecture of traditional mythology. He also deals with Arthurian legend and religious subject-matter. Works such as “Christmas Presence” and “Merlin’s Oak” demonstrate Pinkney’s ability to articulate his artistic vision in the painstaking detail of his painting. [Gallery of Wizardry site]
Merlin’s Oak is a famous oak tree that once stood on the corner of Oak Lane and Priory Street in Carmarthen, South Wales. In local tradition, Carmarthen is said to be the birth place of the mythical magician Merlin, claiming that the origin of the name Carmarthen, or Caerfyrddin comes from Myrddin, the Welsh name for Merlin. Merlin is said to have made a prophecy regarding the old oak tree:

When Merlin’s Oak shall tumble down,
Then shall fall Carmarthen Town.

Other versions of the prophecy state that when the tree falls, the town will drown or flood. [Wiki]



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