Puzzle: Paddle Boat Landing by Susan Brabeau

: 500 pieces, 2 missing
Dimensions: 45.72cm x 60.96cm
Producer: Collectible Puzzle (?), The Art of Susan Brabeau series
Artist: Susan Brabeau – The imagery of Susan Brabeau appeals to the viewer on several levels: bringing forth moods and sentiments of a by gone era, creating an illusion of life so completely that the viewer can almost hear the sounds within an image.

As with all good story-telling art, the imagery of Susan Brabeau is meant to be felt as well as seen. [The Art of Susan Brabeau]
Notes: A paddle steamer is a steamship or boat, powered by a steam engine, using paddle wheels to propel it through the water. In antiquity, Paddle wheelers followed the development of poles, oars and sails, where the first uses were wheelers driven by animals or humans.

The paddle wheel is a large wheel, built on a steel framework, upon the outer edge of which are fitted numerous paddle blades (called floats or buckets). The bottom quarter or so of the wheel travels underwater. Rotation of the paddle wheel produces thrust, forward or backward as required. More advanced paddle wheel designs have featured feathering  methods that keep each paddle blade oriented closer to vertical while it is in the water; this increases efficiency. The upper part of a paddle wheel is normally enclosed in a paddlebox to minimise splashing. [Wiki]

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