Puzzle: Paint pigment in the sun in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Paint pigment in the sun in Kathmandu, Nepal, med

Size: 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 46 cm x 63 cm
: Ceaco, package of 2 puzzles, 2013, #3210-1
Photographer: bezikus
Original: photo

Puzzle: Together in the package with Untitled. How I wish the puzzle manufacturers clearly indicated the picture title and author. It’s so simple, yet some omit the titles whereas others indicate over 6 photographers for the full puzzle series instead of indicating the author for the one image in question.

This lovely puzzle was picked by my four-year-old and he enjoyed helping me put it together. The top six bags are very easy to assemble since the colours are distinct and borders clear. The bottom four are a bit harder, although pretty quickly different shades of red and different textures stand out. Beautiful vibrant puzzle – a pleasure to do.

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