Puzzle: Sanctuary by Sheila Wolk

: 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 73cm x 48.6cm
Producer: Impressions, Sure-Lox
Artist: Sheila Wolk
Painting: photo
Notes: I wish the artist’s site contained some information about the painting itself and the inspiration for it. Unfortunately, the designers appear to be more concerned with protecting the images from being stolen by placing the artist name in large letters over the top of the paintings.

A sanctuary is the consecrated area of a church or temple around its tabernacle or altar. In modern parlance, the term is used to mean any place of safety.

In Europe, Christian churches were sometimes built on land considered as a particularly ‘holy spot’, perhaps where a miracle or martyrdom had taken place or where a holy person was buried. The place, and therefore the church built there, was considered to have been sanctified (made holy) by what happened there. In modern times, the Roman Catholic Church has continued this practice by placing in the altar of each church, when it is consecrated for use, a box (the sepulcrum) containing relics of a saint. The relics box is removed when the church is taken out of use as a church. [Wiki]


  1. What you said isn’t true..If you checked out my poetry section it describes my Sanctuary painting very well…but what you said that IS TRUE is… yes I watermark everything to prevent rampant theft and copyright infringement on the Internet, as all artists should do!

    Thank you
    Sheila Wolk
    (Creator and Copyright owner to “Sanctuary” painting)

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I apologize – the site does contain that information. The reason I was not able to find it, is because the text is a part of the image and thus is not searchable. Would you object if I reproduced the poem here, naturally crediting it to you? I find that knowing the inspiration for paintings often deepens the enjoyment of the imagery.

    Aesthetically I do find it hard to appreciate art with text placed on top of it. I do understand the need for protecting copyrighted works. I just wish there was another way that did not interfere with the impact of the images.

  3. Hi, I always liked this photo and saw a more blurred image of it on YouTube before; I googled the image, it showed a much more clearer image, and it stated it was by Sheila Wolk. It also gave a scripture reference which was Job 12:7-8. I love this photo, not only because it’s very artistic, but also because I like the style of it. I’m a student studying graphic design, want to do logos and prints later, and want to eventually get into the (video) gaming industry in the field of etertainment.

  4. I did this puzzle and there was a piece missing. Oddly enough there was an extra piece but a completely different colour than the missing one. I love this picture so much that I want to buy another but can’t find it anywhere. Can someone help?

  5. Just wondering were many prints made have a friend that has one he thinks it might be an original on canvas i don’t think it is could be wrong do you have the original???

    • Gary, I’ don’t have any prints of this art and not sure how many were made. I’ve assembled a puzzle with the reproduction of it. The site of the artist Sheila Wolk is sheilawolk.com, perhaps you can find out there.

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