Puzzle: The Untold Story by Josephine Wall

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Josephine Wall - The untold story, med

Size:  500 pieces
Dimensions: 48.26 cm x 35.56 cm
Artist: Josephine Wall
Producer: The Canadian Group, Sure-Lox, Keepsakes series, 2011, 42220-7

Puzzle: Trivial puzzle and a pleasure to do. Several sections are equally easy to use as anchoring points: skin, the large pink flower, the iguana, the hair net, flowing fabric, the ship, and the flamingos. The rest of the puzzle falls into place in greens, blues, and purples.

Notes: “As the planet evolves, humankind increasingly leaves the cities to seek peace and consolation in the country. There nature awaits with all her gentleness and beauty to welcome humanity into a more fulfilling way of life.” [Josephine Wall site]

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