Puzzle: Times Square

Tony Shi - Times Square, med

Size: 234 pieces
Dimensions: 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm
: TDC Puzzles, Item #7177
Photographer: Tony Shi
Original: photo
Package: photo

Puzzle: “The World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle. This puzzle has 234 of the smallest pieces ever to be die-cut. Tweezers are included to help you with this ultimate puzzle challenge. Good Luck!” [Puzzle box]

It being such a small puzzle that tweezers have to be included to handle the pieces, just like Into the Wind by Sally Caldwell Fisher, my friends thought it would make an interesting addition to my collection. Although the novelty factor is there, I can’t say I enjoyed putting this puzzle together.

Since it’s such a harlequin puzzle with blinding clashing colours, there is no one good sequence to assemble it. I started with the sky as it’s the most uniform area in the entire puzzle, followed by the red truck, the road, the beige and red patches of colour, and proceeded in random manner from that point.

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