Puzzling Zen

Puzzle: Collage Living RoomI have assembled my first puzzle on May 24, 2005 and since then doing puzzles have become a wonderful way to relax for me. I usually couple them with listening to some music or an audiobook. Once a puzzle is completed, I glue it up and affix it to a black background. The favourite landscape, architecture, and fantasy puzzles go up on the walls as decoration, some very simple puzzles are put back in their boxes to serve my descendants, and the rest are stored as pictures.

Puzzle: Collage BedroomIn 2010, hundreds of assembled puzzles later, I have decided to document my collection by taking photos of completed puzzles and recording information on puzzle size, maker, and subject. Lately I have also started posting tips on assembling each puzzle. I still put together many puzzles and those I make get promptly documented here.

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