Puzzle: Dancing Girl by Derjen

Derjen - Dancing girl 1, md

Size: 192 pieces
Dimensions: 9 cm x 9 cm x 13.8 cm
Producer: Pintoo, Q1040, #48861

Puzzle: “Showpiece Lantern: A jigsaw worthy of display.
– Snug interlocking allows the puzzle to be displayed without glue.
– Puzzle stands on its own.
– Pieces are easy to move, and do not fall apart when picked up.
– Puzzle is made of durable, water proof plastic material.

Product name: Showpiece Lantern
Materials: PS
This puzzle contains > 160 pieces, > 32 hinge pieces, > 1 cover, > 1 stand
Use three AAA batteries for Lantern stand (purchase separately)
Designed in Taiwan.” [Puzzle box]

Notes: The imagery for this puzzle does look beautiful, and I had fun assembling all four sides of the lantern, together with my son. However, putting them together into a 3D shape has proven somewhat awkward. The small plastic pieces easily snap out of place and the completed shape does not have proper right angles. The lantern comes with a square black base and a square black top cover, both having grooves to presumably fit the lantern sides into them. In reality, due to an outward bend of every side, the lantern crumbles into pieces during attempts to fit the base or the cover on. I have been able to fit it into one or the other but not both. Still, even without the base, the assembled puzzle looks beautiful.

Derjen - Dancing girl 4, med Derjen - Dancing girl 3, med Derjen - Dancing girl 2, med Derjen - Dancing girl, med