Puzzle: River of Life Triptych by Steven Michael Gardner

: 1500 pieces (3 puzzles of 500 pieces each)
Dimensions: 91cm x 91cm
: MasterPieces
Painting: photo
Steven Michael Gardner is a native of San Diego, California, and I really loves all animals, the beauty of nature and the wonder of life itself. His love of the animal kingdom and passion for preserving our environment has given him the inspiration and basis for the subjects of his artwork. He has been drawing and painting as a full time artist since the age of 20. Many of his original designs have been widely published in magazines and books, and for many years he has created designs for zoos across the country. These are still available as signed and numbered prints, posters, jigsaw puzzles, notecards, and apparel wear. [Gardner Gallery site]

Notes: Find 13 eagles, 14 wolves, 10 bears [Puzzle box]. This puzzle consists of 3 separate puzzles that, when put together, create one large picture encompassing the land, the river, and the sky.


  1. Hi,
    My Mom and Niece and I just finished this one. First one I did in 2 days, Second one my Niece did most of and I finished in one day and the third one I did with my Mom’s help in Two days.
    Did you notice that the first ones pieces were thinner and cut in very odd shapes compared to the other two let alone a normal puzzle?
    Quite the beautiful scenery!

  2. Jenny, yes, the top puzzle pieces appear as if they were cut for a non-rectangular puzzle, whereas the other two puzzles have their pieces following a grid. I agree, it is somewhat unusual. And a beautiful puzzle it is.

  3. we are looking for the middle puzzle, of the wolves at the river. Would anyone have one they are willing to sell? Thanks!

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