Puzzle: Blue wall

Blue wall, med

Size: 300 pieces
Dimensions: 48.90 cm x 67.63 cm
: Mega Puzzles, Tropical series, 2014, No. 50937UCN, A03034PRC
Photographer: Hugh Harris
Original: photo

Puzzle: Jolly and colourful, this simple puzzle with large pieces was a hit with my son. He loved the bright colours and clear borders. Simple, vibrant, and refreshing.

Puzzle: Painted elephants

Painted Elephants, med

Size: 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 48.10 cm x 67.95 cm
Producer: Mega Puzzles, Exotics series, 2014, No.50935CN, A20054 PP
David Evison

Puzzle: Bright and lovely puzzle, from the same series as Tropical Flowers, this one takes a bit more time to assemble, due to subtle textures and colour transitions. The borders are a logical place to start, followed by the red cloth, the yellow and green elephant head in the lower left, the patches of sky bordering on other objects, and the elephant paint patterns. The trees and grass of the lower right picture are also distinct enough to be easily assembled. The remaining regions take a little more time and attention.



Puzzle: Paint pigment in the sun in Kathmandu, Nepal

Paint pigment in the sun in Kathmandu, Nepal, med

Size: 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 46 cm x 63 cm
: Ceaco, package of 2 puzzles, 2013, #3210-1
Photographer: bezikus
Original: photo

Puzzle: Together in the package with Untitled. How I wish the puzzle manufacturers clearly indicated the picture title and author. It’s so simple, yet some omit the titles whereas others indicate over 6 photographers for the full puzzle series instead of indicating the author for the one image in question.

This lovely puzzle was picked by my four-year-old and he enjoyed helping me put it together. The top six bags are very easy to assemble since the colours are distinct and borders clear. The bottom four are a bit harder, although pretty quickly different shades of red and different textures stand out. Beautiful vibrant puzzle – a pleasure to do.