Beading: Wine charms, multicoloured spheres

Wine charms, multicoloured, round


  1. My kids loved their gifts.

    My mother and sisters liked the necklaces you made Natasha and I and asked if you sell them. :)

    I was wondering, if you were interested, if I could buy some wine charms for myself. :)

  2. Yeah, I suppose we could do that. However, I don’t have any necklaces or wine charms at the moment, so I’d have to make some more (and I might have to get some more supplies for that). Do they have any preferences colour-wise? Do you have any preferences in terms of the wine charm design from what you saw on the site?

  3. No rush. :)
    I have no preferences on the wine charms. I trust you.
    I will get back you about the necklaces. I will have to call my mother and sisters and they are not available until after the holidays.

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