Puzzle: The Concert Room, by John O’Brien

: 500 pieces
Producer:  Parlor Puzzles, Soft-touch velvet backing
Artist: John O’Brien – John’s artwork conveys a series of mystery and romance seldom found in contemporary art. With exquisite craftsmanship, poetic ideals, and a modern awareness, he created a unique style, which has come to be known as “contemporary romantic realism”. His passion for France, Italy and Ireland can be seen in the romantic settings of elegant interiors, European street scenes, and neighborhood cafes and pubs. [John O’Brien site]


  1. debbie mitchell

    I recently “The Palor Room” and I have to admit it was one of the most difficult beautiful puzzles I ever completed so now I am ready to attempt the “The Concert Room”!!!! She is breath taking and will definately fit my newly painted living room. Please tell me how to purchase and the postage rate.Thank you. Debbie Mitchell.

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