First harvest

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Wednesday morning, I have spent some time in the garden placing crushed egg shells around the plants in the permaculture towers that showed signs of snails partaking in the leaves. Egg shells also provide minerals to the soil as they break down, so I figured I would annoy the snails and feed the garden in one go.

While in the garden, I have seen a few Easter Egg radishes poking out of the ground ready for picking, so I took the opportunity to pluck those out. Seeing how some of the greens had juicy-looking leaves, I could not resist to harvest some for a quick salad. This made for the first official harvest that made an entire salad (besides dill, parsley, cilantro, and onions I have occasionally been picking).

garden_june_25_2014_harvest_radishes_kale_chard, med

A fresh salad of kale, Swiss chard, radishes, with a little olive oil and vinegar made for a perfect summer dish. Sharing the bounty in the evening with my family, it felt very rewarding to have grown this delicious food ourselves. Our daily watering ritual gives me time to reflect on the green life enveloping the permaculture towers, and be grateful for having access to land.


  1. simplyfiendish

    Happy to hear you are havig much success with your garden.
    My little butterfly/bee garden is struggling. Bugs. They totally devoured my sunflowers and one of my shasta daisy plants has no petals.
    I completely covered all the plants with a dish soap and water mixture, this morning. I was told and read that would deter the bugs. I hope they are right.

  2. Inspired by you, I’ve decided not to waste a piece of land at the back of my back yard and have planted four shrubs : black current – 2 and honey berry -2
    And even more – I’ve removed grass , put new soil and made oval shape of flower bed in the centre of back yard – being proud of myself.
    Now , being in the kitchen I can enjoy the view , looking at rose and other pretty flowers .

    • Sounds lovely. I’d love to see some photos – of the bushes, and the flower bed. What did you plant in the flower bed?

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