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Here is a short excerpt from the e-book on which I am currently working — Zen Transition to Motherhood — Is there life after birth? It offers new mamas strategies for a smooth, peaceful babymoon and fourth trimester. I wrote this yesterday and felt I needed to share it.

speakSoftlyLoveSo many emotions are coursing through us in these early postpartum days, not all of them positive. We might be experiencing frustration, helplessness, fear, feelings of incompetence or anger. Be sensitive to your state and make a conscious effort to not express the negative emotions in the interactions with your baby. The more you smile and speak the words of love, the lighter will your mood be and the easier you will find it to go through a day at times of doubt.

Meet your waking up baby with a smile and kind words each time. Make every time they see you a wonderful occasion. Thank your baby for bringing joy into your life. Tell them you appreciate an hour they napped to give you a chance to have a cup of tea and brush your hair. Show them they are a welcome presence in your universe.

When they are crying, tell them you understand. Talk to the baby when changing a diaper or getting them dressed for an outing. Your calm voice will help reassure the baby and soothe them. Kiss and hold your baby often — gentle touch and love are as important to a growing human being as food is.

Speak to your baby about your day — they love your voice. They have heard it in the womb, it is comforting and familiar to them. Sing to your baby — they will be fascinated by this incredible thing you do with your voice. Share your gratitude ritual with your baby — tell them of all the things you are grateful for this day and of everything you have accomplished.

This little person loves you with all their being. We go through much of our lives looking for unconditional love, for someone who will listen to us, understand us, sleep next to us, smile at us, and go through our ups and downs alongside us. Here is such a being. Treasure this relationship.

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