Beading: TTC Custom Fertility Cycle Tracking Necklace – Pick your charm, cycle length, and ovulation day – Night Sky – black and lilac

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TTC Cathedral Necklace - Night Sky - 28 day cycle, teardrop wb, md

TTC Cathedral Necklace - Night Sky - 28 day cycle, circle, md

TTC Cathedral Necklace - Night Sky - 28 day cycle, closeup wb2, md

TTC Cathedral Necklace - Night Sky - 28 day cycle, closeup wb, md

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Whether your goal is to conceive, to avoid pregnancy, or to get in touch with your cycle, this necklace is a stylish personal way to keep track of your cycle and your fertile days. Beautiful Preciosa Czech fire-polished glass beads mark the first day of the cycle, the infertile days following it, the fertile phase, the ovulation, and the luteal phase in different colours. A movable charm is used to indicate the current day of the cycle. You can wear this necklace or keep it on a bedside table, on your desk, or in your purse. Take a minute each day to move the charm and focus on where your body is right now in its natural rhythm. The necklace arrives with an instruction card on how to use it.

When ordering, please let me know your cycle length and ovulation day, and I will create a necklace based on your individual cycle. You can also pick a custom charm for your necklace from those pictured in the last photo. Please be sure to specify your ovulation day in a note to seller. Please allow 3-5 days for the completion of the necklace. See below for the shipping time estimation.

The sample necklace depicted above is based on a 28-day cycle with ovulation on day 14. First day of the cycle is indicated by a single red bead, followed by 6 more non-fertile days, then 9 fertile days in lilac (7 days prior to ovulation and 2 post-ovulation), ovulation itself is marked by a larger crystal. The necklace is completed by 12 non-fertile days of the luteal phase. The smaller beads pad the necklace so it can be long enough for wear. The custom necklace will have the same design and colours adjusted for your cycle length and ovulation day, as well as the charm you have selected.

The sample necklace is about 19 inches (48 cm) long. The necklace length will differ depending on your cycle length. If you prefer a longer necklace, please message me and I can customize the length.

The following charms are available:

Tree of Life – symbolizes immortality and fertility
1. Diamond-shaped antiqued pewter Tree of Life
2. Coin-shaped gold-plated antiqued pewter double-sided Tree of Life
3. Coin-shaped antiqued silver-finished pewter double-sided Tree of Life
4. Circle-enclosed gold-plated antiqued pewter Tree of Life
5. Circle-enclosed antiqued pewter Tree of Life

Birth Goddess – symbolizes fertility, birth and growth
6. Gold-plated antiqued pewter Birth Goddess
7. Antiqued pewter Birth Goddess

Butterfly – symbolizes fertility, rebirth, transformation
8. Small antiqued pewter Butterfly
9. Antiqued pewter open-winged Butterfly
10. Antiqued brass-finished steel Butterfly
11. Gunmetal-finished steel Butterfly

Turtle – symbolizes fertility, longevity, good fortune
12. Pewter Turtle with fleur-de-lis cutout
13. Antiqued silver-finished pewter round Turtle
14. Antiqued pewter double-sided Turtle

Key – symbolizes liberation, knowledge, initiation, way to one’s heart
15. Antiqued silver Key
16. Gunmetal Key
17. Antiqued gold Key
18. Antiqued brass-finished pewter Key
19. Antiqued silver-finished pewter Key with Maiden-Mother-Crone symbol

Horseshoe – symbolizes good luck ad protection
20. Antiqued pewter Horseshoe

Dragonfly – symbolizes joy, lightness of being, good luck, transformation, and harmony
21. Antiqued gold-plated brass Dragonfly
22. Gunmetal-plated brass Dragonfly
23. Silver-plated brass Dragonfly

Frog – symbolizes fertility, love, giving birth to new life
24. Antiqued silver-finished pewter Frog with crystals
25. Antiqued silver-finished pewter Frog

Elephant – symbolizes fertility and pregnancy
26. Antiqued brass-finished pewter Elephant
27. Antiqued brass-finished pewter black Elephant

Since the beads are fragile, I do my best to ensure that the packaging protects them appropriately. Do have a look at the other items in my shop to take advantage of combined shipping costs.

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